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Re: CVS pedantic when doing merges

From: Richard Wesley
Subject: Re: CVS pedantic when doing merges
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:10:03 -0800

At 4:07 AM -0500 2/12/04, m0llbuz_  wrote:

I wonder if I can somehow merge a branch to the main trunk, ignoring white space diffs. Example:

<<<<< foo.html

While I find this annoying, it is really the correct thing to do. Right now I am writing a lot of Python code and it is perfectly reasonable to change the white space inside a multi-line string. So unless cvs is going to do detailed semantic analysis based on the file type (and determining that is a sticky problem all by itself), this is what it should be doing.

I also get weird conflicts during merges where the diffs are exactly the same.


I've seen this too. Are there white space differences? Or were the two lines adde in different branches? Or are you doing multiple merges from the base of a branch (without a bookmark)?

I even get weird conflicts like this (slightly simplified):



IIRC, the diff logic that cvs uses has some goofy things like this in it, with windows of around 10 lines or so. This was discussed a few years back and at the time the comments were along the lines of "I am not smart enough to fix this, and the person who does is too busy." No idea if it has improved since then.

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