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RE: Oops I deleted some files

From: Jim.Hyslop
Subject: RE: Oops I deleted some files
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 09:30:08 -0500

Tony Ennis [mailto:address@hidden wrote:
> A few days ago I was cleaning up a project and deleted a 
> directory, commited, etc.  Now, about a week later, I refetch 
> the project only to find that the directory and the files 
> within were important.  Ooops.
> How do I get them back?  I have tried checking out with the 
> date to no avail.  The files are still in the Attic on the cvs server.
If they're in the Attic, you should be able to retrieve them.

A rather brute-force way to get your files back would be to issue the
following commands for each file you want recovered:

cvs log -h filename | grep head
cvs update -p -r (HEAD-1) filename > filename
cvs add filename

The first command tells you what revision number HEAD corresponds to, so you
can calculate (HEAD-1) for the second command. Note that CVS won't recognize
"HEAD-1" - you'll have to manually calculate that and supply the actual
revision number.

If there are a lot of files, you could probably write a PERL script to do

Oh, before you begin, issue a "cvs update -A" command to clear any existing
sticky tags.

Jim Hyslop 
Senior Software Designer 
Leitch Technology International Inc. (<>) 
Columnist, C/C++ Users Journal (<>) 

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