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CVSROOT\modules file -d option on NT

From: Sam Talebbeik
Subject: CVSROOT\modules file -d option on NT
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 23:04:53 -0800 (PST)

I am trying to use the -d option in CVSROOT\modules
file to install my project files into an alternate directory
structure. This is the entry in CVSROOT\modules

deploy_it  -d testdeploy/bin  project_name

The above syntax works fine on the NT platform but I am not able
to designate a "drive letter" to install on C: drive or D:
drive. For example I have tried:

deploy_it  -d C:\testdeploy\bin  project_name
deploy_it  -d C:/testdeploy/bin  project_name
deploy_it  -d "C:/testdeploy/bin"  project_name
deploy_it  -d "C:\testdeploy\bin"  project_name

and none of these seem to work. Is there a way to designate 
a specific drive letter with the -d option on NT ?


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