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RE: How to import with some binary files?

From: Chris Bailey
Subject: RE: How to import with some binary files?
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 11:14:16 -0800

This was promising, but I realized another caveat in all this.  I don't want
to set -kb for all files that are execute permission as I originally
thought.  It turns out there are bunches of Perl scripts and similar that
are text files that don't need -kb (and probably don't want it), but that
are executable.  It looks to me like I'll have to do an import, and then a
find for all executables (and I can at least weed out any ending in .pl) and
then manually determine from there (there may be few enough at that point
that I don't need to bother writing a script or something that uses 'file'
to filter the types, etc.

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Subject: Re: How to import with some binary files?

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Bailey <address@hidden> writes:

    Chris> Is there anyway to have CVS wrappers support making any
    Chris> file that has execute permission a binary?

I don't think CVS likes to check file permissions.

But could your problem be solved by:

1) cvs import ....
2) find . -perm +0001 | xargs cvs admin -kb


This just poped out of my mind.   Don't do it on the REAL thing unless
you  have  a  backup.  I'm  not  sure  if  it  would work.   I'm  just

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