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How to import with some binary files?

From: Chris Bailey
Subject: How to import with some binary files?
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 09:39:09 -0700
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I have a bunch of files I want to add to add to a new CVS module.  The
problem is that some of the files are binary, and some that are binary
don't have file extensions (this is on Linux, with CVS 1.11).  It seems
that what I should do is at least list the extensions in cvswrappers for
the binary file types that have extensions.  But, how do I deal with the
binaries that have no extension?  Note, during this import, there are
also plenty of files that are not binary, some have extensions (e.g.
.java or .c), and some don't (e.g. some simple text documentation files,
like "README").

Is there anyway to have CVS wrappers support making any file that has
execute permission a binary?

Finally, my understanding is that, unless I tell CVS the file is binary,
it will add it to the repository as text, and not until someone else
checks it out, or I delete my existing copy and reget it, will I find it
to be corrupted.  But, I've added plenty of .gif files to our repository
with just a straight "cvs add file.gif", and it works fine.  Our
cvswrappers file does not have anything in it right now.  How is this

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