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Re: CVS - setup reserved checkout

From: yap_noel
Subject: Re: CVS - setup reserved checkout
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 09:31:40 -0500

>address@hidden (Kaz Kylheku) wrote:
>>Tell the manager to shed his or her superstitions, and work with
>>the facts. The facts are:
>>- Concurrent development works just fine.
>>- Your team already likes it.
>>- Strict locking does not prevent concurrency, it only reduces
>>  it to a coarse granularity: coarse enough to interfere with
>>  productivity, but not coarse enough to eradicate conflicts.
>>  To eliminate conflicts, you have to lock the entire repository
>>  so that only one developer at a time can do anything on the
>>  software base as a whole.
>Well said.  May I add, Concurrency works best with good communication
among the
>developers.  Responsibility of certain sections of code is usually divvied
>just a few people.  Strict locking might hurt the need for good
>among a group.

Yes, exactly.  The advisory locks patch (that I so eagerly advertise) is
meant to increase communication among the developers, not to create true
reserved locks (as the patch name implies -- I need to change this name).


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