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Re: CVS - setup reserved checkout

From: yap_noel
Subject: Re: CVS - setup reserved checkout
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 09:23:45 -0500

No, it is not.  I think you need to figure out why the manager doesn't want
to use concurrent development models especially if the advisory locks patch
is installed to better control the process.


David Masterson <address@hidden> wrote in message
> >>>>> Andrew  writes:
> > Has anyone setup reserved checkout in CVS (ver 1.11.1p1) in Unix
> > (Solaris)? Or is there any documentation on this other than the
> > manual that comes with the source code?
> Given the CVS model of unreserved checkouts, why do you need reserved
> checkouts?  Also, are you talking about reserved checkouts of a file
> or an entire product?

We use CVS (ver 1.11) and we like the unreserved checkout model, but
the manager of a different project here wants to use our repository
only if we can enforce reserved checkouts on a per-file basis (they
don't want to use watches).  Is it possible (and manageable) to make
CVS do this?

Greg Cooper
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