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Re: Checkout into a specific directory

From: Jason Allen
Subject: Re: Checkout into a specific directory
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:56:33 -0600

I managed to get it working by using update instead of checkout and creating
a blank set of CVS directories with blank Entries files and correct paths in
the Repository files. Sounds harder than the way you suggested but its
easier for the way I'm doing it and I need the CVS command to be one line.

Thanks for you help!

Jason A.

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From: "Larry Jones" <address@hidden>
To: "Jason Allen" <address@hidden>
Cc: <address@hidden>
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: Checkout into a specific directory

> Jason Allen writes:
> >
> > Hmm, if I do this:
> >
> > cvs co -d c:/test -l moduleName
> >
> > then i get a folder called "moduleName" in my c:\test directory, which
> > what I  don't want :(
> That's peculiar, I don't.  Make sure you don't have -N specified on the
> command line or in your ~/.cvsrc.
> -Larry Jones
> At times like these, all Mom can think of is how long she was in
> labor with me. -- Calvin

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