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unable to read .cvsignore

From: doozer
Subject: unable to read .cvsignore
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 20:35:33 +0100
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Hi folks
I have set up CVS (version 1.11.1p1) on a RH7.1 machine. I got pserver working and everything seemed fine. I did an import of my source code (using wincvs 1.2) and watched as it all entered the repository. The down side is that I can't check any of it out now :-(

Every time I try and check out anything through wincvs it simply reports that it was unable to chdir into /root so that it could read .cvsignore

I can't remember ever saying that it should find .cvsignore in the root users folder so why is it looking there (of all places).

I am pretty sure this is a fairly simple configuration issue but I have read the cerderquist (good spelling?) and can't find anything that seems to point to a relevent configuration setting

Any ideas gratefully recieved


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