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CVSROOT history read/write permission error (on "cvs import")

From: Dr Jaime V. Miro
Subject: CVSROOT history read/write permission error (on "cvs import")
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 12:00:30 +0100

... easy on me, CVS Newbie!! :-) 


This is probably a silly permission error problem, but can't figure it out:
I've installed CVS following the HOWTO tutorial under linux (RH6.1). 
It installed fine (v 1.10.6). However, when I try and import a source 
tree with the "cvs import" command, I get a permission error problem:

cvs status: Sorry, you don't have read/write access to the history file
cvs [status aborted]: /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT/history: Permission denied

According to HOWTO, import is executed as a normal user, whereas $CVROOT
(under which the repository is installed) and files under have got 
root permissions only (o/g/u), which is the way it was installed. 
I can see why is giving me the permission error, but I did everything 
"by the book", or so I believe. I could manually change permissions to 
$CVSROOT and it might work, but I'd rather not. I am sure there is a 
reasonable explanation and solution.


Thanks for your help,


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