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Adding a file on a branch

From: Keith Hearn
Subject: Adding a file on a branch
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 12:42:26 -0700

I've run into an issue regarding adding a file to a branch. We've created a
branch for a patch release, based on the last release of our software (cvs
rtag -r <last release tag> -b <branch tag> <module>). Developers are now
committing changes into the branch. 

There is a file that was added to the trunk since the last release, so when
we created the branch based on the last release, this file did not get a
branch tag. So when the developer tries to do a cvs add of the file in the
branch, he gets an error:

% cvs add S99ControlCenter
cvs add: S99ControlCenter already exists, with version number 1.1

I assume this is because CVS doesn't know that the add belongs on the
branch, since there is no branch tag in the file. So it responds as if he is
trying to add a file to the trunk that already exists in the trunk.

What's the best solution to this sort of situation?


    Keith Hearn
    Terraspring, Inc.

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