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Possibly not possible

From: Emmanuel van der Meulen
Subject: Possibly not possible
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 21:12:58 +0200

Hello all,

This is my first time here.

I have attempted to do a certain configuration but was not successful.  I might
have a unique requirement - but I find it hard to believe that I've come up with
a requirement which CVS does not cater for.

I'd like someone to please a) confirm whether my scenario is not catered for in
CVS, or b) whether my implementation is incorrect and c) in the event that this
requirement is possible, to please assist me in setting CVS up for my
requirement, and then d) where this is not possible but you find this of use,
could CVS please be extended to cater for this requirement - then how would I go
about requesting this as an extension to CVS.

I request please that you do not supply me with assistance if you do not follow
exactly what my requirement is - in which case rather ask and I'll gladly

Here goes;

I want to make use of several repositories (at second level of structure)
intercommunicating with each other via a root (at top of structure), with
working directories (third level of structure) feeding off their repositories
(at second level), thereby keeping different versions of source separate but
enabling updating across separate 'routes' of development.

Detail of CVS repository and working directories;
ProdSource - CVS root
ReleaseSource - CVS working directory with ProdSource as CVSROOT

QASource - CVS root as well as CVS working directory with ProdSource as CVSROOT
QAWorkSource - CVS working directory with QASource as CVSROOT

DevSource - CVS root as well as CVS working directory with QASource as CVSROOT
DevWorkSource - CVS working directory with QASource as CVSROOT

Usage of above;
With above configuration, whenever source is COMMITted to ProdSource, from
either ReleaseSource or QASource, those changes could then be used to UPDATE
source in either ReleaseSource or QASource - enabling that when changes are
applies from ReleaseSource, those are also available to QASource and visa versa.

This would make changes applied to 'service packs' available to QA of next
release and visa versa.  In addition any change made in QA which applies to the
previous release, is made available to further 'service packs'.  These changes
are in addition also made available to development of the next release, seeing
as DevSource gets source from QASource.

Hope this is clear and thanking you in advance where someone could assist me.

Kind regards

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