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Re: files in CVSROOT

From: Philip Lijnzaad
Subject: Re: files in CVSROOT
Date: 03 Oct 2001 10:49:23 +0100

> [Larry Jones - Tue at 02:24:29PM -0400]
>> Just checkout CVSROOT like you would any other module/directory and go
>> to town.  :-)

> You forgot the most important part; edit the files, and then "cvs commit".
> CVS automaticly updates the "live" files in $CVSROOT/CVSROOT.

I believe this is only the case for cvs 1.10; cvs 1.9 seems to only keep an
automically  cvs update-d copy inside $CVSROOT/CVSROOT for the standard
{log,commit,etc}info files, not for manually added files. Or did I miss
something ? 


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