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files in CVSROOT

From: Arcin Bozkurt - Archie
Subject: files in CVSROOT
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 13:41:29 -0400
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the CVSROOT directory contains the following type of files:

the same is true for all the other files like modules, taginfo, loginfo etc.etc... (the all have .# and ,v versions)

there is also an Attic/ which hold a file named

these are left from the probably the old admin who were managing CVS. I believe some of these files are not necessary (.# versions for example ?? ).

Can you help me to identify which files are necessary??
the ",v" versions does make sense to control these administrative files under CVS. Is that right? If so, how can I checkout these administrative files, make modifications and check them back in??

Thank you.

Arcin Bozkurt

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