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[igraph] Graphml support disabled

From: Domingo Vargas
Subject: [igraph] Graphml support disabled
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 11:45:44 +1930

Dear Gabor

Before get to my problem, let me again, thanks you for your package and your kind dedication to the users community!!!

Right now I am implementing a text to graphml program, but when I try to read the output file into R, I got the following message:

a <- read.graph("/home/dvar/Developments/test.graphml", format="graphml")
Error in read.graph.graphml(file, ...) :
  At foreign-graphml.c:1007 : GraphML support is disabled, Unimplemented function call

I am working right now x86 on Ubuntu 8.10.

Any help is welcome.

Best regards


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