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[help-texinfo] roman/arabic numeral pages and modified headers at first

From: address@hidden
Subject: [help-texinfo] roman/arabic numeral pages and modified headers at first page in chapter
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 18:20:02 +0100

     I use texi2dvi to produce a manual. My manual contains the following parts:
- @summarycontents
- @contents
- a preface defined using
   @node Preface
   @unnumbered Preface
- initialize page counter
  @end tex
- some chapters defined using
    @node xxx Chapter
    @chapter xxx Chapter

I observe that "summarycontents" and "contents" use roman number pages. Is it
to use roman number pages also in Preface and start with arabic number from the

My first page in every chapter would be some different.
First of all I would delete header (it contains "Chapter x: xxxxx     page") on
first page of every
chapter. I can do it adding the following command at start of every chapter:

@node   First Chapter
@chapter First Chapter
@oddheading                <------- it cancels any info in header zone

some text ........

@oddheading @thischapter @| @| @thispage  < --- this command prints header again

This method is not very nice. I need to add these commands in any chapters. TeX
is completely different. Do you have some suggestion?

Moreover first page of every chapter would start with
- a line containing "Chapter x" on the left
- a second line containing "title of the chapter centered

Thanks in advance,

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