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Re: Texinfo, A4 paper, double-sided, margins

From: Daniel Tourde
Subject: Re: Texinfo, A4 paper, double-sided, margins
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 15:36:17 +0100

Hello Karl,

Thanks for your answer.

>     I think this is a REAL flaw in texinfo. The margin should vary with the
>     double-sided option as well.
> Well, I don't have any way to print on A4 paper, so I can't see what the
> results are with the current margins.  If you can tell me what margins
> would be better, I can work on making it happen.  Or, of course, you can
> just modify them to be whatever you want by modifying texinfo.tex.

It seems (I am not really sure) that the extra-margin is about 1cm (1
inch = 2.54 cm). Well, in any cases it does not matter so much if it is
1 or 1.5 cm. So let's say 1 cm of extra margin

Now a A4 paper is 21cm*29.7 cm
Imgine you take 1cm of extra margin
Then you have 20cm left for the document
You set the margin as 2cm on the left and 2cm on the right (This is just
an example, I don't really know the protocol)
Then it means that the margins would be either 3 and 2 or 2 and 3. It
depends if it is an odd or an even page.

Does the margin vary if the format selected is @smallbook? I am not
really familiar with texinfo but isn't there a file where such things
are defined for the whole system?

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