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Texinfo, A4 paper, double-sided, margins

From: Daniel Tourde
Subject: Texinfo, A4 paper, double-sided, margins
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 15:15:03 +0100


I am trying to produce a hardcopy of the plotutils and the emacs manual.
These manual are based on .texi files and texinfo is used to produce
I succeeded in producing A4 manuals (texi2dvi address@hidden
plotutils.texi) but I don't know how to cleanly ask texinfo to produce a
double-sided manual (page number and margins different for odd and even

Thanks in advance for any help.

Daniel TOURDE                             E-mail : address@hidden
                                             Tel : +46 (0)8-55 50 43 44
                                        Cellular :  +46 (0)70-849 93 40
   FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency; Aeronautics Division - FFA
       Dept. of Wind Energy and Aviation Environmental Research
SE-172 90 Stockholm, Sweden                     Fax : +46 (0)8-25 34 81

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