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Re: Corrupcion in Tar Archive with use LTO tape

From: alvarg
Subject: Re: Corrupcion in Tar Archive with use LTO tape
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2020 09:36:37 -0300

Thanks again to everyone.  I was lucky enough to see Mr. Richard Stallman, founder of the FSF, twice in my life, he said something that I always remember that free software is a matter of freedom, no price.  that free software should help people and improve the daily work they do.  that if you were a developer and you see a flaw in free software you should try to fix it and with that improvement help thousands of people around the world, that if you don't know how to develop but see something that seems like a flaw or bug, you should report it and do  have the developers fix that and help with that.  In this case, I only follow the excellent advice of Richard stallman, one of the people I most admire and who, thanks to him, entered the world of free and open source software.  thank you all and hopefully soon read that this improvement has come to gnu tar and what happens to me currently is just a bad memory

El vie., 25 dic. 2020 4:46, Paul Eggert <> escribió:
On 12/24/20 10:15 AM, alvarg wrote:
> It is as simple as a
> software that can repair a corrupted tar due to a power outage the
> unexpected EOF in tar. Is it too much to ask?

It sounds like a good feature to have, but not a trivial one to
implement in general. Perhaps someone who's reading this list will be
able to implement it (at least for the failure modes you're interested
in), or perhaps fund someone else who can implement it.

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