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Re: Corrupcion in Tar Archive with use LTO tape

From: alvarg
Subject: Re: Corrupcion in Tar Archive with use LTO tape
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 15:15:21 -0300

First I don't want to be rude, that's why I did not say it, I say it now, thank you very much for answering everyone, I love your answer too but it is not the solution for me either, the disks tend to fail more quickly and when I consider the LTO tapes it is because I want to empty discs, not fill them. The NAS is also a good option but it was still a disk, the mechanical disks fail and the solid state ones too, the tapes on the other hand last between 30 and 50 years, the thing is not to get rid of something good as far as I am concerned. that the software fails, if not to improve the failure in the software, you can not say that LTO is not used or it is the past when large companies like google or amazon use it every day, also ibm and fujifilm announced an LTO tape for 10 years 584 TB, here is not a hardware problem LTO is fabulous but he is not the problem, here is the problem that does not know how to reduce an environment with a lot of space and does not even have a way to repair a tar of something as common as a power outage. LTO is not the problem but the software that uses LTO. so ask why I think the FSF can improve tar and do better for everyone and solve this serious problem, which no one ever solved. It is as simple as a software that can repair a corrupted tar due to a power outage the unexpected EOF in tar. Is it too much to ask? If I knew about programming I would do it myself and I would release the code under the GPL to help everyone, but unfortunately I do not know about programming, and I believe and consider this a very serious flaw in the tar program

El jue, 24 dic 2020 a las 13:53, Jeffrey Walton (<>) escribió:
On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 3:32 AM alvarg <> wrote:
> I use UPS but being large tapes with a lot of space and backing up gigabytes and gigabytes there is no UPS that can handle the situation.  It cuts hours and when the UPS runs out after hours it continues copying.  your solution is correct and i have seen it.  but I consider it impractical for LTO tapes,

Off-topic, I used to have to manage backups on LTO tapes back in the
mid-2000's. It was a constant source of problems, like the ones you

We moved away from LTO and switched to a SAN connected to the backup
server with an iSCSI interface. Most of the problems went away after
switching to disks. Disks were faster than LTO, and iSCSI was more
than enough to handle the backup traffic. There were also fewer disks
than tapes so the offsite backup package got smaller.

You might consider doing the same since disks are so inexpensive. Sell
the used tape deck, libraries and tapes on eBay. It will pay for the
SAN. Buy a LTO degausser for the bulk erase


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