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RCS and samba

From: Pope, Chris
Subject: RCS and samba
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 15:19:19 +1100



I am using RCS 5.7 on Windows XP.


It works fine on local files, files will register and I can checkin and checkout them.


However, I access files via a samba share.  The samba configuration maps my username (userA) to a unix user (userB) which owns all the files and directories I want to access.  I can successfully register files.  All the files and directories are owned by userB.


When I try to checkout a file, I receive the error below:


co test.txt

RCS/test.txt  -->  test.txt

revision 1.1

co: writable test.txt exists; checkout aborted


It appears that the co process is attempting to do something with the test.txt file using my userA credentials or username, when it needs to be doing this using the userB username.


Accessing another samba share on the same unix server which connects as userA, I can successfully register files and perform checkin and checkout operations.


Any ideas?






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