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RCS on Windows - PowerPoint file

From: Sue Schroeder
Subject: RCS on Windows - PowerPoint file
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 15:08:41 -0600

I just installed RCS for Windows.  I used to use it on Unix all the time, this is my first time on Windows.  I created an RCS folder and then did a checkin of a PowerPoint file to do the initial checkin (I tried with the -i, and with the -u as well).  When I then did a co -l, (or even just a co), my PowerPoint file (about 170K) was overwritten with a 6 byte file and I lost my original file.  I tried a couple other ways and the same thing happened.  It seems to work ok for some text files that I have.
Am I doing something wrong?  It's supposed to work on PowerPoint files, correct?

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