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New installer of RCS, "ci" doesn't create a file

From: John Chandler
Subject: New installer of RCS, "ci" doesn't create a file
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 21:45:28 -0400
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I just installed the three archive files that comprise the MSW distribution. 
I'm not sure why there are three rather than one, especially since they can't
all be installed into the same directory due to the name collision between the
three identical copies of README.  But whatever.

I have created an empty RCS subdirectory in the directory where I want to start
managing revisions.  I type "ci LatestNemoWireframe.pdf"  and get this

RCS/LatestNemoWireframe.pdf  <--  LatestNemoWireframe.pdf

The RCS directory is unchanged.  Doesn't contain any files.  The current
directory (parent of RCS) is also unchanged.  No "," file.

OK, I understand that this is Windows, and everything I know is wrong.  But does
this behavior make any sense to anyone out there?


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