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RCS conversion 2

Subject: RCS conversion 2
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 09:16:15 -0600

I downloaded and installed RCS 5.7 for PC's running under DOS or Win32.  My
operating system is running Win2K.  The remote machine is running Win2K as
well.  I am attempting to convert the RCS,v files(UNIX) to readable files
window files using a convert utility created by a software titled ChangeMan
DS made by Serena(

I have already tested successfully converting the files when the actual
rcs,v files are located on my local machine and the RCS executable is also
located on my local machine.  However, when running the convert utility from
my local machine(which has the RCS executable) and the rcs files that are on
a remote machine that is when I get an error.

This error tells me that the RCS executable, by default, is pointing to my
local machine only.  My question is how can I point or set the data path to
a remote machine??

Thanks for any additional help,

Terrence Boyd
Software Release Management Team
Office- 314-331-3122
OBC 23-R-6
St. Louis, MO

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