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RCS conversion

Subject: RCS conversion
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 16:36:06 -0600

Good Evening,

I am in great need of help.  I would greatly appreciate if you took the time
to read over my problem.

I downloaded the RCS zip file from the GNU, Purdue site.  My operating
system is Win2000.  I set my system variable path to point to RCS under the
C: directory.

RCS is working just fine.  HOWEVER, I am attempting to convert RCS files
located on a remote machine that DOES NOT have RCS installed.  I am
attempting to run a convert utility from my local machine, which has RCS
installed, and need to have RCS pointing to the remote machine which has the
RCS files.

Is there anyway to configure RCS (maybe an .ini file) and allow me to run
RCS locally while pointing to a remote machine??

Please help.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Terrence Boyd
Software Release Management Team
Office- 314-331-3122
OBC 23-R-6
St. Louis, MO

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