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segmentation fault when load more then 2.1 GB

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: segmentation fault when load more then 2.1 GB
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 08:48:31 -0500
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I try to load a file with 8GB into octave.

Unfortunately it immediately crashes once it hits the 2GB barrier:
octave:1> load ftn51.mat
panic: Segmentation fault -- stopping myself...
attempting to save variables to `octave-core'...
save to `octave-core' complete
Segmentation fault
My machine has 24GB main memory.
The file has 8GB:
8153243903 Sep 27 14:22 ftn51.mat

I used octave 2.1.44 on Itanium2, Linux 2.4.22-11.msc-smp ia64
However I will try 2.1.57 now.

thanks, daniel

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