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Lack of matrix slicing documentation

From: kim
Subject: Lack of matrix slicing documentation
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 06:12:10 -0500

The documentation very much need an easy accessible explanation of how
to work on parts of matrixes.

Here is my short story of how I almost did not start to use Octave,
and why.

I chose Octave because I thought it would have easy ways of accessing
parts of matrixes. Found nothing in the documentation, and did the
project with C instead.

New project, with need of eigenvectors. Did most of it in C, exported
matrices to Octave, and used a lot of "for" loops to move elements.

Then avoided Octave for a long time. Forgot the lack of sub-matrix
operators, returned to Octave, and again found nothing about it in the
documentation, and did it in C again.

Took a peek at Matlab, and found that it could do sub-matrix operations, like:
  A(1:N-1,:) = A(2:N,:);
Tried that on Octave as an experiment, and it worked!

Had I seen that in the manual, I would have used Octave from the
start, and I guess this apply to other people than me as well.

So, to make Octave more popular and more widely used, I suggest
putting this in the manual, in the Matrix intruduction section.

Kim0,  M.Sc. Physics.

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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