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Re: Symbolic expand function doesn't always do anything

From: Benjamin Sapp
Subject: Re: Symbolic expand function doesn't always do anything
Date: 13 Sep 2004 10:01:39 -0600


Indeed, you are correct it is an octave integration peculiarity.  You
see, octave interprets any thing that can be a number as a double
first.  Then, when a double is used in a symbolic expression it is
converted to the exact form like in ginsh.  By that time it's too late
because a 1 is already double approximation of a 1 rather than exactly a
1.   You can perform your example from ginsh in octave by surrounding
each exact number with quotes and vpa().  For example on my computer:  

octave:47> expand( (x-vpa("1"))^vpa("3"))
ans =

It's a bit cumbersome but I don't think there's a better solution.  

Good luck, 

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 08:28, edA-qa mort-ora-y wrote:
> I'm using the OctaveForge integration of the GiNaC symbolic library and 
> having some trouble using the "expand" function.
> I want is to perform the polynomial expansion:
>       >x = sym( "x" )
>       >expand( (x-1)^2 )
>       ans = (x-1)^2
>       I want to get
>       ans = 1 + x^2 - 2*x
> If you do this form, it works:
>       >expand( (x-1) * (x-1) )
>       ans = 1.0+x^2-(2.0)*x
> Using ginsh with expand produces the desired results, so I'm assuming it 
> is an Octave integration peculariaty:
>       ginsh>  expand( (x-1)^3 );
>       -1-3*x^2+x^3+3*x

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