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Re: address@hidden

From: Joerg Kampmann
Subject: Re: address@hidden
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 01:31:39 -0500
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I have a similar problem and I am also looking for conversion of wav file - which is in time domain!

I have the description of wav-file format downloaded from internet - it is rather simple protocoll. however if you have time for about 3 weeks I might send it to you (being a bit scarce of time presently ...)

1.) first the program would load a wav file.

2.) if i'm not mistaken, the wav file is in time-domain format. it
needs FFT (fast fourier transform) for it to be in the frequency domain.

yes - see #1

3.) it then passes through a notch filter which filters out the
noise. the noise is the hissing sound you hear when you play cassette tapes
or old records. the output is then converted back to a wav file.

interesting issue, i have a similar problem ...

hope I could help you

Dr. Joerg Kampmann, IBK-Consult for Real-Time, D-31228 Peine

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