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More questions about debugging

From: Kalle Raiskila
Subject: More questions about debugging
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 20:53:36 +0300
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Is it possible to debug files instead of functions?
If I'm writing a file, say, temporary.m as simply a list of commands (in contrast to a reusable function), it feels somewhat awkvard to have to define "function temporary()" just to be able to debug it.

Also, the dbstop-function seems to want the linenumber of executable
line, not the "real" line (which it returns). Well, its much simpler for
me (and propably all text-editors I know of) to tell which "real" line
I want the breakpoint at. To calculate which "command"-line it is, can be quite painful...(especially the way I write code ;) )

 Am I missing some option, or is it just impossible to do
dbstop("file.m", "<real-line-no>") ?

Kalle Raiskila

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