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Re: svgalib

From: A. S. Budden
Subject: Re: svgalib
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 09:21:36 +0100
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Thus spake John W. Eaton:
> On 22-Sep-2003, A. S. Budden <address@hidden> wrote:
> | Thus spake John W. Eaton:
> | > On 22-Sep-2003, A. S. Budden <address@hidden> wrote:
> | > 
> | > Does
> | > 
> | >   bash> echo "set term linux; plot sin(x);" | gnuplot
> | > 
> | > work on your system?
> | 
> | Does a similar thing to starting in octave -- [svgalib: allocated
> | virtual console #8] and on virtual console 8 I get the gnuplot window
> | but no graph is seen.
> Looking at linux.trm in the gnuplot sources, it appears that they try
> to run /usr/bin/tty and look at what it prints.  If it is one of
> /dev/console, /dev/tty, or /dev/vc/, or if the environment variable
> STY is set to a value like N.ttyM.HOST, then graphics are allowed,
> otherwise it exits.  This last feature is apparently used to allow the
> screen utility to work with the gnuplot linux terminal type.  What
> happens if you do something like
>   bash> export STY=1.tty1.foobar
>   bash> echo "set term linux; plot sin(x);" | gnuplot
> or perhaps
>   echo "set term linux; plot sin(x);" | ( export STY=1.tty1.foobar;  gnuplot )

I've tried this, and it's certainly an improvement.  I hadn't mentioned
before that I tend to use screen, since the problem was happening
whether I was using screen or not and I assumed that screen had no
effect.  The method you describe above fixes the problem of it not
working in normal virtual consoles (i.e. when not running screen), but
it still doesn't work in screen.

Is there anything you can suggest to help me getting it working in

Many thanks for your continuing help.


P.S. In screen, /usr/bin/tty returns /dev/pts/3 and STY is set to
4026.tty1.zakalwe, whereas in a virtual console, /usr/bin/tty returns
/dev/tty2 and STY is not set.

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