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Re: Fw: Unusual slowness with octave 2.1.42 for windows

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: Fw: Unusual slowness with octave 2.1.42 for windows
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 07:54:16 -0400
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Bob Bailey wrote:

I have been using 2.1.42 for a couple of months and recently
downloaded and installed Cygwin/Octave 2.1.49.
Previously I used 2.1.36 for a month or two.

The 42 version takes a long time to start up on my two
PIII/Windows 98se machines, but comes up fast on a
PIII/Windows 2000 machine.  None are running Novell.

The two 98se machines have Norton Works/Firewall installed,
but disabling makes no difference.  None has Novell.

Also both the 42 and 49 versions of Octave take a long time
(30 to 40 seconds) to respond to basic commands on the 98se

Basic commands which happen to fork another process.  Again,
   page_screen_output = 0
will help.  Yes it does make it awkward to use.

 For example,
dir or help XXX.  Also the 49 version pops up a half dozen
"This program has executed an illegal operation at .." messages.
But, it continues to run (if you call it running).  It does not shut

One popup for each oct-file loaded.  Stick with 2.1.42
or build with --disable-shared --enable-static.  You
may also want to try replacing occurrences of fork/exec
with spawn.  Some of these involve pipes.

The 42 version on the Win 2000 machine does not have the
command delay.  The 49 version is not installed on the Win 2000

To start the 49 ver, I double click on the Cygwin desktop icon,
then type octave.  I tried starting octave from Windows Explorer
by double clicking on drive:\Cygwin\bin\octave-2.1.49.exe,
but that just locks up the computer, necessitating a reboot.

It is possible to set up a clickable icon, much like the 2.1.42 version
made by Andy Adler.

Paul Kienzle

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