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Re: Unusual slowness with octave 2.1.42 for windows

From: Andy Adler
Subject: Re: Unusual slowness with octave 2.1.42 for windows
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 20:35:06 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Steven D Ratts wrote:
> I've downloaded and installed both the atlas and non-atlas versions of
> octave 2.1.42 for windows and installed them on various machines.  They all
> seem to install normally without any hiccups, and they all run.  All but
> one of them run quickly, too, however the one I have on my laptop (a
> Pentium III 850 Mhz with 256kb or RAM) launches exceedingly slowly.  It
> locks up the mouse for periods of time wile launching, too.  The command
> line responds normally, until you try to execute a file or get a directory,
> etc., then it locks up for a while just like while booting.  It will
> eventually return and the results appear to be normal, but the lockups make
> the system almost complete unusable.  I've tried both the atlas and
> non-atlas versions on this laptop and they all do the same thing, so I
> suspect the problem is not related to that.
> Is there anything that might possibly be in my environment or configuration
> that could result in such extraordinary slowness?  No other machine I've
> installed the windows version of octave on has behaved like this one, but
> this is the one I've got for my desktop machine in my office, so I'd really
> like it to run normally.  BTW, this laptop is running Windows 98, if that
> matters.

I've seen installs of octave-2.1.42 that start up very slowly.
I haven't seen the other problems you mention. My current
theory is that its a combination of Novell and the run.exe starter
executable (run.exe prevents the popup dos box with shortcuts).

Are you using Novell?

Could you try running octave-2.1.42.exe directly? ie Go to
C:\program files\Gnu Octave 2.1.42\bin\ and click on the exe.


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