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Re: Editing files, indexing operations...

From: James Frye
Subject: Re: Editing files, indexing operations...
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 12:24:19 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, PAUL KIENZLE wrote:

> Why do you have the 1; in there?  Perhaps because you converted a
> matlab script which had multiple functions defined in the file.  This 
> is not supported.  You have to split them off into multiple files.

Thanks.  What you say makes sense, I suppose: though it doesn't make me

My situation is this:  We have a simulation program, and the researchers
have developed a number of Matlab programs to analyze and display output
from it.  I, OTOH, am developing the new and (I hope) much improved
version of the simulation program, so I need to run some of the analysis
programs to compare old vs new.  I want to be able to run the Matlab stuff
on my own machine, but the lab can't/won't buy me a copy.  I figured that
if I could get the scripts to run under octave with a bit of tweaking,
that would be a perfect solution.

Unfortunately, ALL the analysis scripts are much the same: one main
function that calls numerous other functions defined in the same file.
(Which does to me seem the most reasonable way to do it, as you then don't
have to worry about copying around dozens of separate .m files.)

So, is there an easy way to deal with this?  I would think other people
might have encountered the same problem: anyone figure out what to do?


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