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Editing files, indexing operations...

From: James Frye
Subject: Editing files, indexing operations...
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 15:54:19 -0800 (PST)

OK, the "end" stuff is fixed, now for a couple more dumb newbie questions.

1) I finally get a script file to compile & execute, but it has run-time
errors.  I edit the .m file, make some changes, and re-run it, but octave
still thinks it has the old file, unless I exit octave and start it again.
How do I get it to recognize the changes?  The docs that it should be
checking the file timestamp and recompiling if the file has changed, but
it doesn't seem to be doing that.  (ignore_function_time_stamp is set to

2) I define a function "fn" in file "fn.m" (as below), start octave, and
enter the command "fn (1);".  The first time I do this, I get the error
message "error: can't perform indexing operations for <unknown type>
type".  If I enter the same command a second time, it works.  What gives?


The test file (cut down from a real one):

function fn (varargin)

  printf ('--> Starting NEUROPLOT\n');

  legal_tokens = ['fname', 'savemat', 'plotmode'];

  printf ('step 1 done\n');


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