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Hi, another newbie ...

From: Andrzej M. Ostruszka
Subject: Hi, another newbie ...
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:26:10 +0100
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I've just started to play more seriously with octave (I've used Matlab
for long time) and I have couple of questions regarding "native code"
functions (I have no problems with *.m files) -- I did run search in
mail archive but somehow couldn't find anything relevant.

1. I can use in C++ methods which are internal to given objects for

DEFUN_DLD (testexpm, args, /* nargout */, "Some `testing' function")
  ComplexMatrix m( args(0).complex_matrix_value() );
  return octave_value( m.expm() );

but how can I use other functions (including those defined in *.m)
inside say this testexpm.  I just realized that I could use feval (am
I correct?), but the question is more general: how can I access
variables defined in current context (or at least global) and how can
I pass/register my local variables to the "rest of the world".

2. How can I use liboctave in separate programs?  My problem is that
   I don't know why it doesn't find definitions of various functions.
   I've managed to reduce problem to finding say constructor and expm
   of ComplexMatrix when I link with:

     -lm -lg2c -lblas -llapack -lcruft -loctave -ldl -lfftw

   The above is on my home computer with PLD Linux 1.0 distribution
   while here in my work (RedHat 7.3) I had to supply additionally
   readline ncurses kpathsea (which I guess is incompatible with the one
   which liboctave was linked with since there's one unresolved symbol
   left -- but that doesn't matter I can run programs in home).

   The problem is that if I do `nm' than I can see something
   of the kind (I'm not that good in demangling so I might be wrong :))

00126960 W __13ComplexMatrix
00126cd0 W __13ComplexMatrixPt7complex1Zdii
00109140 T __13ComplexMatrixRC10DiagMatrix
00109a80 T __13ComplexMatrixRC10boolMatrix
00109cf0 T __13ComplexMatrixRC10charMatrix
00108ee0 T __13ComplexMatrixRC12ColumnVector
00126b10 W __13ComplexMatrixRC13ComplexMatrix
00109390 T __13ComplexMatrixRC16ComplexRowVector
00109830 T __13ComplexMatrixRC17ComplexDiagMatrix
001095e0 T __13ComplexMatrixRC19ComplexColumnVector
00108970 T __13ComplexMatrixRC6Matrix
00108c80 T __13ComplexMatrixRC9RowVector
00114ec0 T expm__C13ComplexMatrix
00147990 T expm__C6Matrix

   which makes me think that I'm doing something wrong but I don't see
   what.  Additionally I'd like to access other octave functions
   (defined as *.m or *.oct or even builtin) but I guess that the answer
   for my first question also aswers that one.

Any help appreciated
                                                Best regards
    ____   _  ___
   /  | \_/ |/ _ \              Andrzej Marek Ostruszka
  / _ |     | (_) | Instytut Fizyki, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski (Cracow)
 /_/ L|_|V|_|\___/      (PGP <-- finger address@hidden)

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