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Re: Hi, another newbie ...

From: Andrzej M. Ostruszka
Subject: Re: Hi, another newbie ...
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 14:59:08 +0100
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On Fri, Dec 20 (2002), Paul Kienzle wrote:
> Adding args in reverse order is slightly more efficient since it doesn't
> have to keep
> stretching the octave_value vector it uses to store the list.
>     args(1) = -1.;
>     args(0) = A;

Ahh, right... I forgot that it is really a vector (_list affix is a bit
misleading -- it's a vector cause you wanted random access I guess) but
still the original point holds, I mean there's no need at all for all
those octave_value_list(double) and others since appropriate
constructors are already present in octave_value (they are even
"harmful" since they introduce ambiguities as in this example with

> I would love for you to send patches to make the octave interpreter
> easy to embed in C++ programs.

At first I had problem to understand what this means (sorry for my
- you would love me to send you patches
- you would love to send me patches
and had to check that this is the first possibility (in american way) :))

I'm willing to give something from myself to the octave community cause
I think it is really nice piece of work but this will have to wait until
"the things" around me will settle down -- I just made my PhD and have
to decide what to do next :) (do you want to hire me? :)))

                                                Best regards

PS. And merry Christmas cause I'm off for couple of days
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