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Greetings to the list and first question.

From: Juan Carlos Muro
Subject: Greetings to the list and first question.
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 00:19:46 +0000

In first place, I introduce myself. My name is Juan Carlos and this is
my first message in the list.
I have just started using Octave, and I would like to learn a little
more. I would like Octave to be a tool for my studies (Electronics). But
in the university the computers have got MatLab installed.
I have heard that Octave is very seemed to MatLab. I don't know that.
What I know is the difference in money, and this fact drives me to use
Octave ;-)

So I make my first question:
I have heard about the toolboxes. In MatLab for example I have the
'cloop' function'. I really need to use that function.
┬┐Is this function going to be in Octave?

Till soon:
Juan Carlos

pd.- and, please, excuse my poor English ;-)

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