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Re: Greetings to the list and first question.

From: Kai Mueller
Subject: Re: Greetings to the list and first question.
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 08:47:04 +0100

On Fri, Oct 23, 1998 at 12:19:46AM +0000, Juan Carlos Muro wrote:
> Hello.
> In first place, I introduce myself. My name is Juan Carlos and this is
> my first message in the list.
> I have just started using Octave, and I would like to learn a little
> more. I would like Octave to be a tool for my studies (Electronics). But
> in the university the computers have got MatLab installed.
> I have heard that Octave is very seemed to MatLab. I don't know that.
> What I know is the difference in money, and this fact drives me to use
> Octave ;-)
> So I make my first question:
> I have heard about the toolboxes. In MatLab for example I have the
> 'cloop' function'. I really need to use that function.
> ?Is this function going to be in Octave?
> Till soon:
> Juan Carlos
> pd.- and, please, excuse my poor English ;-)

The functions you are looking for are in the OCST (Octave Control
System Toolbox) from Scottedward Hodel

The documentation is already included in the Octave manual.
In Octave the command "sysconnect" is a superset of MATLABs
cloop (see examples below)

MATAB4:   [Acl,Bcl,Ccl,Dcl]=cloop(a,b,c,d,1);

Octave:    Scl=sysconnect(s,[1 2],[1 2]);
           Scl=buildssic([1 2],[],[1 2],[1 2],s);

 Kai P. Mueller
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