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Re: Compilation problems under Solaris 2.6

From: Todd Ellenberger
Subject: Re: Compilation problems under Solaris 2.6
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 98 10:08:35 PDT

Thanks for all your help, John. Today I sucessfully compiled and installed 
and it looks great! The best tip came on todays postings to the info list, 
the message from address@hidden Re: Octave 2.1.7 on solaris 2.6 x86
saying that gnu make 3.77 does not result in the fortran libraries being 
when building octave. I checked the output from my previous failed attempt, and 
enough the g77 compiler was never called. I installed make version 3.75 and 
sure enough
during the build all the fortran libraries in libcruft were compiled and built 
into In the previous (failed) attempts, was created, but it 
have been void of any code. I probably could have manually compiled the 
libraries into
.o files, and then run the big octave make process under make 3.77.

Thanks for all your help - I look forward to using and promoting octave at my 
for much of the analytical work we normally handle with Matlab.

Todd Ellenberger

I will also post this to the help mailing list, as it may save someone else 
some time.

|| It appears that g77 is appending the underscore. Is there any way to tell if
|| these functions are being properly built into libcruft.a and

| Try
|  nm libcruft.a
| or
|  nm
| If the symbols seem to be there, can you send me the final link
| command again?
| Is it possible that there is another older copy of libcruft installed
| somewhere on the system and that the linker is choosing the wrong one?
| jwe

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