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Re: Recommend tela, octave, matlab

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: Recommend tela, octave, matlab
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 08:36:16 +0200

> Hi, guys:
> Octave is a good matlab clone. But I would to recommend to try tela out too.
> First tela is from
> Second three main pluses I think tela is worthing a try:
>         multidimensional array up to 8
>         .ct file interfacing with existing C/C++/Fortran programs very easily
>         more efficient than matlab or octave, usually take less than half time
> for a same operation than matlab, octave

On a IRIX6.2 R10000 octave performs matlab out by a factor of 3-4 for
numbercrunching: inverse and solve.

> By the way, in octave2.0.13, I try rand(1000) and I get a memory exhausted
> error and it takes unreasonable long time. Does anyone here have same
> experiences? My machine is linux 2.0.35 with 32M Ram P200.

On the above mentioned machine the rand() in octave is a bit slower 10%
than in matlab, but as mentioned the solving/inverting is faster. 

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