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Recommend tela

From: mxu1
Subject: Recommend tela
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 19:41:01 -0400

Hi, guys:

Octave is a good matlab clone. But I would to recommend to try tela out too.

First tela is from

Second three main pluses I think tela is worthing a try:
        multidimensional array up to 8
        .ct file interfacing with existing C/C++/Fortran programs very easily
        more efficient than matlab or octave, usually take less than half time 
for a same operation than matlab, octave

By the way, in octave2.0.13, I try rand(1000) and I get a memory exhausted 
error and it takes unreasonable long time. Does anyone here have same 
experiences? My machine is linux 2.0.35 with 32M Ram P200.


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