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[help-gv] Command-line options for gv 3.6.x

From: John Collins
Subject: [help-gv] Command-line options for gv 3.6.x
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 02:59:50 -0500 (EST)


I would like to make a suggestion that the new version of gv should accept
the command-line options accepted by previous versions.  That is, it
should accept options like -watch introduced by a single hyphen, as well
as a double hyphen, in the interests of backward compatibility.

I am writing this as the maintainer of a program
( that calls gv.  But I
would expect there are thousands of scripts around the world that are
going to get broken by the change of command-line options between 3.5.8
and 3.6.1.

While it is quite elementary to fix the scripts (or their configuration
files), it is also a bit annoying, particularly if one is dealing with a
script that is used on multiple systems, not all of which will have the
upgraded gv.

While it is obviously sensible to allow options to be introduced by a
double hyphen, as is standard for GNU software, I don't see any pressing
reason not to maintain backward compatibility.

Many thanks,
John Collins

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