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Re: build all dependents?

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: build all dependents?
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 11:52:15 -0800

On 2022-11-22, zimoun wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Nov 2022 at 19:06, jgart <> wrote:
>> is there a command to build all dependents of a package?
> [...]
>> $ guix refresh python-identify -l
>> Building the following 14 packages would ensure 28 dependent packages
>> are rebuilt: python-multivelo@0.1.2 repo2docker@2021.08.0
>> python-matplotlib-documentation@3.5.2
>> python-numpy-documentation@1.21.6 jami-docs@0.0.0-0.b00574b mdpo@0.3.6
>> python-flask-combo-jsonapi@1.1.0 onionshare@2.5 python-jupytext@1.14.1
>> python-minikanren@1.0.1 python-miio@0.5.11 python-interrogate@1.5.0
>> pre-commit@2.20.0 babi@1.5.3 
>    $ guix build $(guix refresh python-identify -l | cut -f2 -d':')

This sometimes requires some manual fiddling, in my experience, e.g.:

  $ guix refresh --list-dependent guile-ssh
  Building the following 9 packages would ensure 10 dependent packages
  are rebuilt: cuirass@1.0.0-11.922cc66 emacs-guix@0.5.2-3.a694fdb
  guile-imanifest@0.0.0-0.ccd5a21 gwl@0.3.0 guix-jupyter@0.2.1
  guix-build-coordinator@0-24.6fb5eaf guix-data-service@0.0.1-27.df2a0a7
  hpcguix-web@0.0.1-5.9de6356 guix-daemon@1.3.0rc2-1.566982b
  $ guix build guix-daemon@1.3.0rc2-1.566982b
  guix build: error: guix-daemon: package not found for version 

As the "guix-daemon" package is sometimes called "guix" instead. Not
sure how many other cases like this there are.

Given that it may in some cases require manually fiddling of package
names, "guix refresh --build-dependent PACKAGE" would be nice.

I vaguely recall discussing on irc not long ago the desire for "guix
refresh --list-dependent --machine-readable" (e.g. drop the "Building
the following X packages would ensure 10 dependent packages are
rebuilt:") or something similar. Would save having to pipe to cut, awk,
sed, perl, etc. ...

I could also see, at least for completeness, "guix refresh
--list-all-dependent" e.g. not hide the recursive dependencies,
but show the whole list of packages to be rebuilt...

I thought there was a bug about these sorts of things, but I haven't
found it...

live well,

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