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build all dependents?

From: jgart
Subject: build all dependents?
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 19:06:35 -0600

hi guixers, 

is there a command to build all dependents of a package?

for example, i'd like to build all the dependents of python-identify
that are packaged in GNU Guix:

$ guix refresh python-identify -l
Building the following 14 packages would ensure 28 dependent packages are 
rebuilt: python-multivelo@0.1.2 repo2docker@2021.08.0 
python-matplotlib-documentation@3.5.2 python-numpy-documentation@1.21.6 
jami-docs@0.0.0-0.b00574b mdpo@0.3.6 python-flask-combo-jsonapi@1.1.0 
onionshare@2.5 python-jupytext@1.14.1 python-minikanren@1.0.1 
python-miio@0.5.11 python-interrogate@1.5.0 pre-commit@2.20.0 babi@1.5.3

I'd also like to filter out packages from guixrus. babi@1.5.3 is in guixrus.


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