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Why did those credit managers start to burn my phone after I visited ban

From: znavko
Subject: Why did those credit managers start to burn my phone after I visited bank?
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:33:10 +0000

Hello, dear Guix hackers! I want to understand how they could get my phone 

Last week I've visited a bank and spent there an hour waiting they make a 
payment to custom.
I had Redmi Mi 9T smartphone in my hands, Android 10 QKQ 1.190825.002,
MIUI Global 11.0.4 Stable (QFJMIXM)

Waiting in the bank, I uploaded one video on YouTube channel on which
my phone is in the contacts.
4g connection was so slow that I spent time waiting percent by percent of 

I use mobile operator Beeline. In Russia I have no any operator I can believe,
but this is less problematic from all, cause its managers are not oligarchs.

After two hours I came back home I received two calls from different
money credit companies
(just like "fast money", "take money and go away that way")
and one SMS from another company.

And the next day three calls more and two SMS with offers of money credit.

Those were robots autocallers.

I'd never used that phone number where I've got calls, and never took credits,
never gave that my phone number anywhere
(cause I usually use another phone number).

This case shows not free software and not free hardware adds bothers.

This may be so:

1) They can track phones with Geo data (but I have switched off Geo location)
2) They may invade bank workers phones with viruses that
connect with clients phones, get clients phone numbers and send this info.
3) They may track mobile operator data (4g) from antennas
4) Also the same mobile operator may sell info which client locate near that
antenna near the bank
5) May be some of my applications does track me.

How do you think?

Do you use Telegram, Whatsapp?

Is it comfortable to use jami, tox chat?

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