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Libreboot Guix and SSD Samsung EVO

From: znavko
Subject: Libreboot Guix and SSD Samsung EVO
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 11:24:12 +0000

Hello, developers! I post here waiting the approval in libreboot maillist.
May be you have some help for me?

I plan to buy SSD on 250 Gb to store data there and may be further
I will use it as my system disk and also with Libreboot flashed.

I've read on that bios does not see SSD Samsung EVO connected
to the motherboard with SATA III cable in any of four joints (anywhere),
but works through usb connection.
And also I've read somebody had to install drivers for its work!

Every time people say 'drivers' it makes a flash in me using LinuxLibre
and having all the issues in buying hardware.

Please, is there any issue with SSD compatibility for Libreboot?

Also, Samsung EVO is a consumer good, everybody recommend it,
but may be there is another item for buying you can recommend
in low price but safe?
Thank you.

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