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Re: LyX on foreign distro

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: LyX on foreign distro
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 07:40:14 +0100
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sirgazil <address@hidden> writes:

> El 26/03/19 a las 1:45 p. m., Ricardo Wurmus escribió:
>> sirgazil <address@hidden> writes:
>>> El 25/03/19 a las 4:05 p. m., sirgazil escribió:
>>>> Hello, I need some help :)
>>>> I'm using LyX 2.3.2-2 installed with Guix
>>>> (a506a4c3801838c0b75b58dd2ac8bb0ccf4279fb) on a foreign
>>>> distribution, and I noticed the following:
>>>> 1. Buttons in the toolbar do not display icons, just text.
>>> About this issue, I get a lot of messages like this
>>> frontends/qt4/GuiApplication.cpp (643): Cannot load icon
>>> /gnu/store/x9qb06kvbqd9l6521arvfbbk8m0s41r9-lyx-2.3.2-2/lyx2.3/share/lyx2.3/images/buffer-update.svgz
>>> please verify resource system!
>> The lxqt package has this comment:
>>         ;; TODO: qtsvg is needed for lxqt apps to display icons. Maybe it
>>         ;; should be added to their propagated-inputs?
>>         ("qtsvg" ,qtsvg)
>> LyX is using Qt4 (why actually?), so this doesn’t directly apply, but I
>> guess the solution will be similar.
> I installed "qtsvg" and LyX now displays icons normally when I launch
> it from a terminal. It still displays no icons when I launch it using
> GNOME Shell's Alt+F2, though.

I think this means that the executable needs to be wrapped in an
environment that provides qtsvg as the availability of qtsvg in the
launch environment appears to make the difference here.


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