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Re: LyX on foreign distro

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: LyX on foreign distro
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 19:45:21 +0100
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sirgazil <address@hidden> writes:

> El 25/03/19 a las 4:05 p. m., sirgazil escribió:
>> Hello, I need some help :)
>> I'm using LyX 2.3.2-2 installed with Guix
>> (a506a4c3801838c0b75b58dd2ac8bb0ccf4279fb) on a foreign
>> distribution, and I noticed the following:
>> 1. Buttons in the toolbar do not display icons, just text.
> About this issue, I get a lot of messages like this
> frontends/qt4/GuiApplication.cpp (643): Cannot load icon
> /gnu/store/x9qb06kvbqd9l6521arvfbbk8m0s41r9-lyx-2.3.2-2/lyx2.3/share/lyx2.3/images/buffer-update.svgz
> please verify resource system!

The lxqt package has this comment:

       ;; TODO: qtsvg is needed for lxqt apps to display icons. Maybe it
       ;; should be added to their propagated-inputs?
       ("qtsvg" ,qtsvg)

LyX is using Qt4 (why actually?), so this doesn’t directly apply, but I
guess the solution will be similar.


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