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Claws Mail LDAP support

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: Claws Mail LDAP support
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 09:49:22 +0100


I would like to have LDAP support in Claws Mail.  Right now I am
missing the LDAP menu entry under the Book menu in the Address Book.
Though I'm short on time right now, I found copying e-mail addresses
from old e-mail becoming a bit too anoying, so I did a throw at
modifying the package to enable LDAP.

I just added (inputs ("openldap" ,openldap)).  No idea if that should
work.  I put this in a file claws-mail.scm, together with a
(use-modules ...).  I entered this command:

    guix package --install-from-file=claws-mail.scm

That doesn't do anything.  Does (inputs ...) only specify dependencies,
and actually doesn't change Guix' state (when openldap is already

Long story short: can LDAP be enabled in Claws Mail?


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